Interior Signage Tips for Your Office

When you rent or build a new office space, a lot of work is involved. One of the most important aspects of your new office space should be the interior signage. This will make an excellent impression on your visitors. Here are some tips for the interior signage of your office.

Attractive three-dimensional signs

Three-Dimensional signs will make people take notice of the space. The flat signs don’t create much impact, but the three-dimensional signs look very attractive. These can be used for writing the name of the company and its logo.

Before designing the sign, you must take appropriate measurements for the signs you want.

As a rule of thumb, it shouldn’t take more than two-thirds of the space. Don’t choose too eye-catchy shades; the colors must be easy on the eye. Put backlighting so that you can read the sign at night too.

Have a private space with etched vinyl signs

Etched glass is trendy and when you add this to the office, it makes the space look better. Going for custom-made glass can be costly. You can find ready-to-buy designs in sign stores which are more affordable.

The good thing about this type of signage is that natural light can still pass through. So, your space will be well illuminated. If budget is not a constraint, then you can go for the custom-made signs. In that case, add your company name and logo.

Floor graphics

When someone walks to any office for the first time, that person looks at the floor most of the time as the territory is unfamiliar. You can place directional signage on the floor, and this will help the visitors to find their way.

You can use customized floor decals for it. Other than placing directional signage, you can also put the name of your company and logo on the entrance. Another option is to get custom vinyl wraps printed for the entire floor.

Wall murals

Wall murals are a great choice for advertising. It can also illuminate the place and make the environment look better. It will make your office space more inviting for the employees and the visitors as well. You can get beautiful graphics printed on the wall murals. When printing graphics you must ensure that the resolution of the image is high.

Acrylic signs

Acrylic signs look like glass. You can create lovely custom signage for the space using it. As it’s transparent, it gives a special effect on the wall. You will notice acrylic paint everywhere. Backlit acrylic signs are also seen in malls and hospitals.

You can use these ideas for your office interior. If you plan well and choose the right sign store, then it won’t cost you much. You can have a beautiful office environment with this interior signage.