4 Storefront Sign Ideas for Your Business

Attractive storefront signs can attract new customers to your store. You should go to a good local sign store to create storefront signs. These stores can create different types of signs. Here are some ideas that can help you to create the best sign for your storefront.

Use A-frames

A-frame store signs can attract customers who are walking by the store. This sign can be used to advertise the store’s popular products or display any special offers. If you want a traditional look, then you can go for an A-frame marker board.

The store owner can simply handwrite the offers this way and erase them later.

They can write new offers again without spending any extra money. You can see this type of sign-in restaurants down the streets.

Window graphics

This is a popular type of sign to promote the store products and services. You can use it for a mobile app or social media page. You can also advertise your reward programs here. This helps in building customer loyalty.

You can use etched glass vinyl, opaque vinyl, or perforated vinyl. Window graphics don’t need any regular maintenance like the hand-painted windows. You can easily remove the decals of a vinyl window.

Color contrast

You should use contrasting colors in your storefront sign. This way you will be able to communicate messages effectively. Color contrast can be used for emphasizing quick customer service, for example.

Attractive logo

You can build up a strong brand image through a creative logo. You can show the logo through a storefront sign. This will create a lasting image in the customers’ minds.

You should communicate these ideas about storefront signs with the professionals at sign stores. That way they will be able to know what kind of work you are expecting from them.